Célia Lobo - T-Shirt FLOR White - 100% Organic Cotton

Collection Saudade


A Tribute

My 1st Saudade Collection has been created as a tribute to Portuguese families. While the Saudade Collection – Saison ll has been created as a tribute to Swiss families.

Inspired by the little golden pendents we traditionally offer to Portuguese children as a souvenir, I  have decided to play with those codes and adapt them to women today. So they can wear their lucky charm to have a wonderful day and make magic happen.


Saudade Collection

For Saudade Collection I have chosen to develop two Portuguese themes Bolota and Flor as precious details on T-shirts, sweats, dresses and a bag. Those little twists are meant to be like a lucky charm for you to have a magic day.

Bolota : acorn in portuguese

The little acorn, wonderful oak to become, is a symbol of hope, wisdom and strength.

Flor : flower in portuguese

The little flower is like a souvenir of love, of being loved, or in this case a place we love and that we cherish for reminding us good memories.

Saudade Collection – Saison ll

For Saudade Collection – Saison ll I have decided to add two brand new Swiss symbols Edelweiss and Gentiane to my timeless and organic T-shirts, sweats and dresses so you can make magic happen in your daily life.


The Edelweiss also called “Snow Star” is a symbol of love and devotion. As we only find them in the high Alps, traditionally Swiss people say that only a man truly in love would be able to climb so high while facing extreme climate conditions to bring a little Edelweiss to his lover. 


The Gentiane is a symbol of elevation of self and perseverance. Gentianes traditionally grow up along the mountains paths, often being trampled by the hikers, in spite of it they continue blooming and become stronger.





Slow Fashion

The Design

Every piece has been designed in order to become a classic in your wardrobe : definitely timeless and absolutely comfortable. Simple but strong shapes that are easy to adapt in a cosy or a more dressy way.

100% Cotton

For my collections, I have chosen to work with heavy 100% cotton fabrics only, as I wanted it to be very authentic and in a higher quality.

Conscious Fashion


For a slower and more conscious fashion, all the pieces have been made by a company certified Oeko-Tex, GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard), BCI (Better Cotton Iniciative) and ISO (Systems Certification).


For my collections I have also chosen to work with non-toxic inks exclusively.


All the pieces have been created and made with love for you in Portugal.

Célia Lobo - Sweat FLOR Warm Sand - 100% Organic Cotton

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