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My work

Since 2010, I seized the opportunity to learn and work as a Stylist, Textile and Print Designer for some of the world’s most prestigious houses which have extremely rich and diverse universes, such as :

John Galliano
Maison Margiela
Stella Cadente
Rouge Absolu
Live Electric Tours
Weronika Anna Rosa

I had the chance to collaborate with brilliant and very talented people, in studios but also in the ateliers. Soon I had the opportunity to explore other areas, like Interior Design and Decoration.

All this contributed to push the boundaries of my creativity and my sense of adaptability. In spite of the great diversity of their universes, I could adapt to each Maison and Agency, creating and thinking pieces and prints down to the smallest details.

Textile and Print design have always been part of my work since I ended school, in every single job I had. Enhancing my skills as a colorist, as well as my sensitivity to fabrics. Two qualities that led me to become a consultant as well as a Print and Textile designer on very diverse and stimulating projects.

Areas of expertise

Since then, I’ve chosen to offer my services as a freelancer Textile & Print Designer, allowing me to develop my carrier, including in Lisbon, where I am now living.


Since I ended school, Fashion offered me all kind of opportunities regarding prints application. Whether it comes to placed prints for garments or accessories, all-overs, embroideries for sublime dresses or applications, as many options that made me explore the Maison’s universes and offer personalized prints that would be coherent with the actual collections.

Interior Design

Right after school I saw myself join the Interior Design area, when for Stella Cadente, we had to realize a dossier with the artistic direction of what would become the Original Hotel (Paris) with the spirit of the Maison.

Since then I had the opportunity to work on the design of several hotels, including during my collaboration with Rouge Absolu. As well as private houses and restaurants, which were situated in Paris, Lisbon and abroad.

While working with Interior Design Agencies, I was once again led to expend my scope of activities, by developing for them collections of textile accessories, but also applying my prints to other kind of uses such as :

Textile accessories : cushions, plaids, curtains, rugs, …
Ceramic and porcelain tableware
Tiles and Azulejos

As an accomplished Textile & Print Designer, I also offer my services as a textile consultant.

For more information, please contact me by email :