About me

Célia Lobo

PT     FR

I was born in Geneva. Following my Bachelor Degree in Psychology at the Université de Genève, I left Switzerland to study at Studio Berçot in Paris, where I graduated as a fashion designer.

I soon saw myself join some of the world’s most prestigious Fashion houses including John Galliano and Maison Martin Margiela, honing my creative expertise and skills while developing the Parisian savoir-faire essential for fashion and accessories creation.

My curiosity for fashion and fascination with art history led me to the world of prestigious auction houses such as Millon and Artprecium. My ability to learn fast propelled me to the roles of Coordinator and Junior Specialist of fashion auctions where my specialist knowledge could expand to new creative subjects and thrive.

Then I seized the opportunity to collaborate with Stella Cadente and Rouge Absolu, working on their print collections, home textiles and fashion accessories, specializing on the renovation within private houses and hotels, which were situated in Paris and abroad.

My creativity and my inherent taste for refinement now brings me to Lisbon and the opportunity to develop projects focused primarily on the creation through aesthetics, fashion, textile, design and handcrafts. I have had the honor to collaborate with the atelier AnahoryAlmeida and the artist Weronika Anna Rosa on wonderful exclusive textile projects. I have also created my very 1st personal collection : Saudade.

Feeling that the time has come, I moved back to Switzerland. Since then I have designed the Saudade Collection – Saison II, now sold in two Swiss concept stores. 

My passion for creativity, personal and spiritual development lead me to offer my services in a more holistic way as a stylist but also as a tarot consultant in order to help my clients to reveal the best version of themselves.

To know more about me : My Lisbon Project

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