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When you can not change the world, change the decoration.

Daniel Pennac


A lifestyle

Style is definitely not only about fashion or garments. Having style is a state of mind, a way of life. For this very reason I offer my help for you to think about your image in its entirety, including Interior Style to my services.

Whether it is about your apartment, a workplace or a brand, the image you reveal to other people is primordial. Indeed, it ensures a significant increase in confort and wellness when it comes to a space, but also customers confidence in case of brand image.

Elegance is not about being noticed, it’s about being remembered.

Giorgio Armani

What I offer you

That is why I think every single project with the utmost consideration, in a way to turn it elegant and memorable. And a clear and precise identity will turn your identity memorable.

I offer you a customized service that adapts to your needs and requirements. My intention is to create for you a place, an identity more dynamic that will bring a real added value to your project.

My metodology

Being interested in the soul and history of places, I particularly love to compose a harmonious combination between your image and the place’s, in order to create a distinctive ambiance with a new energy, thus turning your project unique.

Attached to artisanal techniques and vintage pieces’ rarity that I love to combine with more actual designs, my creative universes are sometimes pure, sometimes luxuriant to coincide with your wishes, but always resolutely elegant and subtle.

The details are not details. They make the design.

Charles Eames

A memorable art de vivre

Due to my great sensibility for fabrics and colors, that I like fresh and refined, I am able to offer you rich and personalized universes which are intended to be warm and welcoming.

By the golden glow of a brass profile, the cold elegance of marble, the refinement of tiles, the soft touch of wood or the dry aspect of wool, as many details that I will accurately select, with the desire to keep only the essential that hence will reveal your real identity.

My wish, turn your project into a style in its own, a memorable lifestyle.



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