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My work

During my Parisian journey, I seized the opportunity to learn and work as a Stylist, Fashion and Accessories Designer for some of the world’s most prestigious houses which have extremely rich and diverse universes, such as :

John Galliano
Maison Margiela
Stella Cadente
Rouge Absolu

I had the chance to collaborate with brilliant and very talented people, in studios but also in the ateliers. I also had the opportunity to explore different Fashion areas, no being limited to one and only specialization.

All this contributed to push the boundaries of my creativity and my sense of adaptability. In spite of the great diversity of their universes, I could adapt to each Maison, creating and thinking pieces down to the smallest details.

Then my venture in Millon and Artprecium Auction Houses enabled me to enhance my knowledge of Art and Fashion History. My specialist knowledge could expand to new creative subjects and thrive, as well as my creative universe.

Areas of expertise

Since then, I’ve chosen to offer my services as a freelancer Fashion & Accessories Designer, allowing me to develop my carrier, including in Lisbon, where I am now living.

Women Fashion

The great diversity between the Maisons I have joined led me to approach Fashion in different perspectives, whether it comes to Prêt-à-Porter or Luxury. By designing Woven pieces, but also Cut and Sewn, that I had to follow, for some Maisons, during the whole production process until it arrives in stores. For Rodier, I also had the chance to learn Knitwear, by designing some pieces of the collection, at that time still under the direction of the very talented Emilie Luc-Duc.


I soon was asked to design accessories too, whether it comes to scarves, jewelry or others. Those complementary and indispensable pieces complement the outfits affirming the Maison’s identity.

Leather and Small Leather Goods

At John Galliano, I had the chance to be initiated to leather and small leather goods design and I continued since then for the other Maisons.

Lingerie, Homewear and Beachwear

When I began in my first Maison, Stella Cadente, right during my first week, I was asked to design a Lingerie collection. This experience led me to John Galliano’s studio, where I started as the Lingerie, Homewear and Beachwear designer’s assistant, before I continue to Women Fashion, Accessories, … Since then, I’ve been able to offer Lingerie, Homewear and Beachwear collections regularly.

Textile and Prints

Textile and Print design have always been part of my work since I ended school, in every single job I had. Enhancing my skills as a colorist, as well as my sensitivity to fabrics. Two qualities that led me to become a consultant as well as a Print and Textile designer on very diverse and stimulating projects.
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