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In order to understand my projet, I guess it’s necessary for me to tell you more about my story.

I was born in Switzerland, in Geneva, where I lived until I was 23. Daughter of Portuguese parents, I grew up speaking Portuguese and French, or actually a mix of it. And because English was not a mandatory option in school, I just had the chance to study it for a few years, therefore there is a huge chance my text might be full of weird sentences. I guess it is part of who I am.

In order to be irreplaceable, one must always be different.

Coco Chanel

I have always done artistic after-school activities : piano, ballet, synchronized swimming, ceramics, … but who knows why, I have also always been convinced that I was a scientist not creative at all.

After 3 years of a Bachelor in Psychology at the Université de Genève, I’ve finally noticed that I was missing something and found in Fashion area a way to fully live my creativity. I decided then to leave Switzerland and sciences to study at awesome Marie Rucki’s Studio Berçot in Paris, where I graduated as a Fashion Designer.


They taught us the creative process, fashion culture, we had some more technical parts too, but above all they taught us to get inspiration from everything around us in a way that creating a collection and a style becomes totally intuitive.

Studying Fashion in Paris was an unbelievable opportunity,  so enlightening. Surrounded by art, designers, museums, in one of the cradles of Fashion and elegance. I couldn’t dream a better place to learn style bases or how to create. Paris is a perpetual inspiration source.

Fashion & Textile Design

Fashion Design

Soon after I graduated, I joined some of the world’s most prestigious Fashion houses including John Galliano and Maison Martin Margiela, honing my creative expertise and skills while developing the Parisian savoir-faire essential for fashion and accessories creation, in contact with extremely qualified and inspiring people.

I had the opportunity to spend time with brilliant, curious and generous people from all around the world. Several times I was asked by people not working in Fashion if it wasn’t too hard, not too crowded with divas… Actually I don’t know if I was lucky, but at least for me, even though I’m not a size 34, I never felt judged. With all the professional areas I’ve been working in, I think Fashion is the one where I met people with more open minds to differences and other cultures.

Fashion and Art

My curiosity, a certain need and fascination with Art History led me to the world of prestigious auction houses such as Millon and Artprecium. Where I quickly was propelled to the roles of Coordinator and Junior Specialist of fashion auctions where my specialist knowledge could expand to new creative subjects and thrive. I have to admit that meeting brilliant experts in different areas highly contributed to that.

Fashion and Interior Design

During my Parisian journey, I also seized the opportunity to collaborate with Stella Cadente and Rouge Absolu, leading names in Interior Design, working on their print collections, home textiles and fashion accessories, specializing on the renovation within private houses and hotels, which were situated in Paris and abroad. It was so rewarding to discover my work in magazines and photoshoots.


Fascinated since I was a child by Lisbon, but also Portugal, its culture and handcraft, I have always known I would live here some day, at least for a while. Actually I was supposed to come before, but when I decided to study Fashion, Paris became obvious.


I think Lisbon is one the most beautiful cities I have known. The architecture, the incredible colors, the light, the streets full of flowers and garments drying at the windows, the charming pavement, the wrought iron balconies’s artwork and the typical tiles, azulejos, which I immediately fell in love with, constitutes a wonderful inspiring whole. Indeed, one of the first things I’ve done when I arrived in Portugal was to find classes to learn how to make azulejos, I enjoyed it so much !!

So naturally my creativity and constant inspiration research brought me to Lisbon to develop my own projects focused primarily on the creation through aesthetics, fashion,  textile, design and handcrafts.

Fashion fades, only style remains.

Coco Chanel

Style Consultancy

It is quite new for me, but in the same time, it has always been part of my life. It’s because I went through all those stages, and could learn how to create my own style, as well as the style for my clients’ collections, in order to reveal a strong and unique identity, that I decided to offer a style consultancy service Fashion Style, as a complement of my Fashion and Textile Designer activities.


Because our style is our way to show the world our singular caracter, our unique tastes, even before we have the time to say a word. But also a way to be more assertive and increase our self-confidence. When we feel good about ourselves looking at the mirror and we love the image we reveal to other people, we are able to meet the challenges of daily life.

A different methodology

This is why I decided to share with you all those precious tips and tricks that help me in my personal life, as well as my profession in a way that you can reveal your real identity and improve the way you feel about yourself. But not in a constraining way that will limite the colors or garments you can use. I prefer to help you to develop your creative intuition, because this is how I learned it and for me, it’s much more interesting as you can adapt it to all your life areas.

The details are not details. They make the design.

Charles Eames

Style and Interior

One of the things that Marie Rucki taught us is that the creative process can be adapted to any area. In fact, style is definitely not only about fashion or garments, on the contrary. Having style is a state of mind, a lifestyle.

That is why I offer an Interior Style service too. A service that will help you to create an interior that looks more like you, more pleasant, more inspiring also. Because when you’ll learn how to create your own style, instinctively you’ll want to better your interior for it to be more confortable, more like you, for it to become a real source of well-being. A place where you can rest and relax therefore create new memorable moments.

When you can not change the world, change the decoration.

Daniel Pennac

I created this new project in order to help you to better your daily life by making it  sparkle.