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« I have nothing to wear. »

« I don’t know what to wear. »

« I love your what you’re wearing, but I wouldn’t dare it. »

Does this sound familiar to you ?
For my part, I have heard so many times this last sentence.
Before, it used to intrigue me… Was it a compliment ? Or criticism ?
I didn’t understand why I could wear whatever made me happy but not them.


definition : to be brave enough to do something  difficult or dangerous or that you should not do
synonym : take a risk

There is a thing I could never imagine I was doing in the morning, while choosing my outfit of the day and accessorizing my garments in a way to feel good about myself to leave home. Taking risks. A bit dramatic, isn’t it ?

Furthermore when we know that the garments are supposed to :
  • be fonctional
  • helps us to feel good about ourselves

What I do know

Many times, being scared of being noticed or different, leads us to prefer to melt away into the masses, or even neglect our outfits because we imagine that it is superficial.

On the contrary, our appearance is the first thing that people see from us and our outfit is a mirror for our personality.

It would be a pity to neglect it. Your style is a way to show the world your singular caracter, your unique tastes, even before you had the time to say a word.

Fashion and Style

Before we continue, it is important to make a distinction between these two words : fashion and style.

Fashion fades, only style remains.
Coco Chanel

Fashion is all the pieces or garments you buy.
Style is how you will combine the pieces and garments you have in your closet.

What I won’t offer you

  • to be trendy

It is easy to be trendy. It just takes you a few magazines’ reading, a few blogs to follow… and you’ll know what are the new IT-pieces. But then, we will be following the movement and melting away into the masses again.

  • restrict the colors you can use

On the contrary, I’ll help you to mix colors, in order that you can use whatever makes you happy.

  • put a label on you

A 8 X O V H…

Well no, it’s not your shape that will define your style but your personality. And yes, there is always a way to make this amazing piece you like so much fits you.

My job, style consultancy

What I offer you, is a different kind of service, adapted to any type of morphology, that will help you to go further and discover your style. Because yes, everyone has his own style.

We just need to take some time together for you to learn to discover it and the image you want to reveal to the world.

Don’t be into trends.
Don’t make fashion own you,
but you decide what you are,
what you want to express
by the way you dress
and the way you live.

Gianni Versace

Be yourself !!

Valuing your personality, your unicity and by the same occasion your style, you will reveal your veritable beauty. Furthermore, being yourself and being assertive, because you feel good in your outfits will help you to increase self-confidence.

Because I went through all those stages, and could learn to create my own style, as well as the style for my clients’ collections, whatever they were (garments, prints, accessories, …) I offer to help you to discover your real identity and assist you for the research of your own style.

My methodology

I will offer you to learn more about colors, fabrics, trends, but also exercises that will help you to connect with yourself. This all to develop your intuition and to fully illuminate so you can avoid disappointing purchases, have an optimized closet and the necessary accessories to sublimate your outfits. But above all for you not to be scared anymore to wear whatever you like !!

My mission is to share with you all those precious tips and tricks that help me in my personal life, as well as my profession as a designer in a way that, getting dressed in the morning becomes an intuitive pleasure for you. Without forgetting the most important, that you try to mix garments, experiment, create fresh and unexpected color blends, because fashion wouldn’t be fashion if it was taken too seriously.

Enjoy yourself !!

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